The Earth Path

Thirteen years ago, as a high school Freshman, my father took me to a little metaphysical shop. He was looking for a sword to bling out his Renfair gear. I wandered about marveling at the entrancing crystals, statuary, and tarot decks...until I found the bookshelf. There, seated for an hour while my dad made small talk with the shopkeep, I discovered paganism. I discovered a world where Athena, Hera, and the other goddesses who'd captured my imagination in books of mythology still walked the world and inspired the mind.

This page is a collection of Tangle and Spiral articles meditating on pagan themes: goddesses, the body, the earth, animal spirits, and ritual.

The Two Faces of Winter  - a meditation on the Winter Solstice and Imbolc

Gardening as an Act of Faith - the worried life of a new gardener

Gardening as an Act of Faith Redeux - resigned to ALWAYS be a new gardener

I Sing the Body Eccentric - body image & goddesses

"We All Come From the Goddess" Controversy - who owns and who can change this popular pagan chant?

How I Met Coyote - Coyote as a spirit guide

Where My Girls At? - Searching for Coyote Woman

Between Worlds - One foot in the Circle, one foot in the classroom

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