Hoop Dance

If you're near Sedalia, Missouri you can learn more
about hooping or connect with other hoopers through
Spin Gypsy.
Hooping is a holistic flow-art that combines ecstatic dance, yoga, and Sufi spinning...inside a whirling plastic circle. Hoop dancers combine circus inspired techniques with playground shenanigans as they spin hoops around their waists, chests, arms, hands, and legs.

Hoopers use handmade hoops that open up more possibilities for movement than the small, flimsy hula-hoops popularized by Wham-O in the 1950s. These hoops are often bigger and heavier. The slower rotation helps hoopers keep spinning for longer lengths of time. It also creates opportunities to dance inside the hoop, and lift the hoop up off the body. In the hooping community, this style of hooping is called body rocking because the hooper rocks out wicked dance moves while the hoop rotates around their body. When hoop dance first emerged from the music festival and Burner communities, West Coast pioneers like Anah Hoopalicious and Hoop Girl popularized a sultry, tribal style of hoop dance. In North Carolina another tribe of hoopers, the Hoop Path, began experimenting with smaller hoops. They conceptualized hoop dance as a kind of moving meditation. Their small hoopers are lighter, faster, and easier to move through the air. This off-body style of hooping focuses on moving the hoop in circles, weaves, and lines. Together the hoop and the hooper dance create dazzling geometric patterns in space. Taken off-body, the hoop shares many similarities with forms of prop-manipulation like poi and baton twirling. 
~ strengthens core muscles
~ improves coordination
~ relieves back & shoulder tension
~improves balance
~improves flexibility
~ builds positive body image
~ is a fun alternative to typical workouts
~ helps overcome shyness
~ clears the mind
~ inspires laughter
~ builds communities

As the years have past, hooping has grown more diverse as hoop enthusiasts create new styles and movements. Teachers like Baxter, Ninja Hoops, Deanne Love travel the world teaching hoop dance. Hoopers meet in local parks and in online communities like hooping.org and hoopcity.ca. Though many cities now boast hooping fitness classes and hooper meet-ups (called hoop jams), the hooping community thrives online. Hoopers post tutorials, demonstrations, performance clips, and practice videos. 

I hope this page can guide you to some online resources that will help you along your hoop-journey. 

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