Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bird Haunt

Just south of Hughesville is an old, decaying house. It looks like a ghost haunt, but the only spirits I met there were birds. They flitted among the brown grass as I crossed the sun-set field. In the brightness of early evening I wondered, “Why is this place empty? How many neighborhood kids have lingered on these broken steps, dreaming ghosts and double-dares?” The instant I crossed the threshold the old house groaned. Ten dozen sparrows leaped into the air, shouting among the bare rafters. I stood a moment as silence returned, gazing at the stripped wood through my camera lens. Before I could capture images of my brave trespass into forgotten space, the camera beeped once and the battery died. I turned slowly back toward the bright doorway and the song-filled fields beyond. The house moaned a second time, like an old woman asking one last moment of companionship before nightfall.


  1. do you think the house didn't want you to capture pictures of its inside?

    maybe it was a special moment meant just for you!

  2. I hadn't thought of that, but it could be. It was really an interesting experience, because it looked so strange and forsaken...when the house settled as I stepped in I nearly jumped out of my skin!