Monday, April 14, 2008

Goddess Gathering

The Goddess wears many faces, some of whom I met last weekend at the Triple Goddess Gathering. I saw the bright maiden Kore in newborn leaves and the tribe of young women who invited me to their fire. We chanted and chattered and in the middle of the night organized ourselves enough to move my tent into their village.

As we passed the magic mirror around our Circle, I saw Demeter gazing back at me. I am the mother of two beautiful children and a multitude of knotty hempen creations. My friend Waterlilly is the mother of this trio of polymer deities.

There is a grandmother dragon who sleeps in a cave at the foot of Cumberland Hill. I wandered down to visit her after closing ritual and returned to see Rose, Sorshia, and Cat sitting around the fire like the Norms sitting beneath the Tree of Life. These three women always make me feel welcome at Ozark Avalon…and sometimes humble, because my voice will never carry like Rose’s and my scrambled eggs are never as fluffy as Soshia’s. One day…


  1. thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures .. sounds amazing :-)

  2. Wow! So cool. :) I would loved to have been there. Peace!