Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crafty Connections

These days have been wild, crafty days. I knotted a chakra necklace for Rainbowmom, one of the Earthpath Artisans on Etsy. She’s the first to take advantage of my offer to resize/customize designs. It really surprises me how many customers order without asking questions or even taking the time to say hello. In my mind crafting is about connections. I love knowing where a design is traveling. I love knowing that its future owner is mindfully interested in receiving the perfect item.

As both a maker and buyer of handmade crafts, I hope that one day that desire for personal connections will save our culture from Wal-Mart. It also inspired me to seek out other artists to feature on this blog. Next week I will be sharing an interview with the woman who created the goddess pendants featured in my ritual photographs.

Hamsa Healing Hands: by Rainbowmom

Beadfreaky's Shop on Etsy


  1. I think we're so used to being brainwashed into just buying what is for sale...we forget to ask...

  2. Lovely piece, Tangled.

    I love BeadFreaky too .. especially the pit-fired pieces, as they are so 'archaeological'!

    Looking forward to the interview :-)

  3. You're right, diva. So many products are made by underpaid, overworked workers. It's sad to think about, so I feel a lot of us have just stopped thinking about it. We don't want to see the face who crafted that laundry basket, because the face probably isn't a happy one.

  4. Thank you so much tangled for making this beautiful necklace for me! I will wear it with care because I know that you made it with care. It's lovely to know how aware you are of the things happening around us.

    And, thanks for putting the link in to my hamsa hands earrings. :) And, BeadFreaky has lovely items in their shop. :)

  5. Rainbowmom, you should send me a picture once your necklace arrives, if you don't mind me sharing it on the blog.

  6. That is a beautiful piece! I love shorter styled necklaces, I don't see much on Etsy.