Friday, February 8, 2008

Knot Me!

This tiny pouch is knotted with 60-some cords. That's four cords per knot, 8 knots per row, per side and 10 rows down, until the pouch starts to narrow. At that point I drop two knots per row until I'm down to one at the very bottom. Then I turn the pouch inside out to knot the two sides together and glue the ends. Madness. Did I mention I tie these crazy things by hand?

Pouches embody the frustration of trying to sell macramé. It's a time consuming hobby and projects like these just don't seem to pay off. I try to price according to the value of a piece, what I feel it's worth. That usually doesn't measure up with the hours spent hunched over a chaos of hemp. However, in the end the time is irrelevant. Aren't we work-at-home mamas living proof that time doesn't equal money? We do our work because the goddess needs us to, be that work raising babies or tying knots.

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