Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grandmother's Rainbow

Once upon a time, on a rainy day, Grandmother Spider found the end of the rainbow. She pulled a length of twine from her pocket and quickly wrapped the rainbow's end in a half hitch sinnet. Then she began to tug. With each pull the rainbow became smaller, until it was small enough to fit into Grandmother's pocket.

Grandmother Spider carried the rainbow home. Later that night, she divided each band of color into a colorful piece of hemp. She crushed the leftovers with her pestal and rolled the shards in her palm until they were round and bright like beads. Finally she pierced each bead with a sewing needle, and slipped them onto the rainbow twine. She left the findings on her table with a teapot sitting on top. Rainbows, she knew, had a way of slipping away over night. Then she went to bed. In the morning, Grandmother Spider knotted the pieces of the rainbow into a luminous crown.

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