Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mint Tea Recipe

Last night I made this yummy tea with mint from my garden. It's the first time I've ever eaten something I've grown. Pure magic....and delicious.

Steep 6 mint leaves in 2 cups boiling-hot water for 1-3 minutes. 
Remove leaves
Add a splash of orange juice
Add a swirl of honey.
Stir and enjoy. 

"Louisa was slow and still in her movements; it took her a long time to prepare her tea; but when ready it was set forth with as much grace as if she had been a veritable guest to her own self."

-From Mary E. Wilkins Freeman's "A New England Nun"


  1. what a delightful experience! I always start my day with tea, but I have never tried to make my own before. I'm going to give that a try though, it sounds so easy and rewarding!